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5 Reasons To Maintain a Clean Set Of Nails

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Why you should maintain a clean set of nails

Fingernails should be kept short, and the undersides should be cleaned frequently with soap and water. Because of their length, longer fingernails can store more dirt and bacteria than short nails, thus nail care is very important as it can reduce the chances of infection. If you are lazy to take care of them somehow, you can always visit the manicure to let specialists take care of your nails for you!

1. Long nails can cause bacterial infection.

Dirt can accumulate in long nails and since bacteria and germs are attracted to dirt, they can start growing on your nails and cause infections to an open wound. One example is when you are wearing shoes, your feet produce sweat because they do not have space to breathe and because of it, bacteria can grow even easier due to the presence of sweat. This increases the chances of bacterial infection.


2. Long nails can cause inward nail growth

Ingrown nails are often caused by improper trimming, tight shoes or heredity. It occurs when the edges of the nail grow into the skin next to it. This can cause redness, tenderness and even bleeding in the area. Some people visit the medicure to cut their in-grown nails off, or get treatment for their nails and skins on the feet.

3. Long nails can cause fungal infection

Fungal infection happens because of the growth of fungi. One of the most common types of infection is the Athlete’s Foot. The skin on the foot, especially between the toes gets affected most of the time. One of the factors that lead to Athlete’s foot is keeping your nails long. The same way bacteria and germs are attracted to dirt, fungi have the same characteristic. Fungi loves to hide in dirty parts of the body, especially nails, which are frequently forgotten about. 

Athlete tying shoe

4. Long nails can cause injuries

Keeping long nails increases the chances of injuring both yourself and other people. As long nails are sharper, it can cut people easily. On top of that, infection may occur if the nails are poorly taken care of and the germs are spread to an open wound. 

5. Long nails can cause food poisoning

The fact that so many germs can hide in your nails, now imagine eating with your hands. When you have long nails, you allow bacteria and other infectious organisms to enter into your body. This can result in food poisoning. Thus, it is highly recommended to always wash one’s hands and nails thoroughly before touching food.

To see if your nails are short enough, you can press the tip of your finger. You are supposed to feel both your nails and the flesh of your skin, if not your nails are still long and require cutting immediately. Appropriate hand hygiene comes from constant trimming of the nails every week or so. There is an article that even said long nails can be one of the fastest spreaders of coronavirus since bacteria and germs can grow on your nails very easily! So, always remember to practice nail care from time to time!

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